Project RAAS

RFID Application And Support, supports Small and Middle Large enterprises with the adoption of RFID technology.

Interreg IVA project RAAS was initiated by a consortium consisting of five partners, with the objective to support small and middle large enterprises (SME’s) as they typically lack time and money to investigate new technologies.


The consortium consists of:


Support to SME’s is provided by means of hands-on project support, through the knowledge transfer and awareness phase, technical and economical feasibility assessment, proof of concept or pilot projects and the actual implementation. This project support is provided by project members of the two high schools who sometimes also use students for these jobs.


Additional to the project support Project RAAS aims to set up a knowledge network in both Eurregions, consisting of suppliers, knowledge insititutes and industry organisations, but also a virtual knowledge platform, a website which is (being) realised under the domain name www.RFID Know An application centre, where entrepreneurs can experience the technology in a hands-on way is being realised in the form of a productive RFID enabled supply chain focussing on agro logistics (horticulture). In this program, 8 to 10 growers, transportcompanies, the horticulture German auction Landgard, Baas Plantenservice and a German DIY retail company with several hundred stores across the country will participate, to demonstrate how RFID technology can be deployed in a cross border supply chain to control the goods flow and improve the utilisation and reduce loss of returnable transport assets.


Mieloo & Alexander won the European Tender to supply a project manager and consultant to the RAAS program to realise the virtual knowledge centre and physical application centre i.e. the Agrologistics RFID Supply Chain Project. Mieloo & Alexander is also responsible for supporting the RAAS program with setting up the knowledge network and ensure all participants and SME’s have the possibility to link in to international RFID networks and supply chains.

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