Support Implementation of SAP – ERP system

Support the Business Teams during the sepcification and roll out of the new central ERP system

The general goal of the project was to Optimize and Centralize The Operating Processes into a single Unified System. The main role of Mieloo & Alexander was to support the project team with the change management activities and to assist with the general project management. Main activities consisted of: – creation of new process definitions together with the key-users – delivery of workshops to explain and support the implementation activities – support the key users with all training activities. The main deliverables are a complete process hierarchy (business and SAP process integrated), process definitions and training schedules. Key figures: – 28 key-users and 19 standard users involved, – 126 processes defined, – 2 locations involved (product plant and head office) in Darmstadt – Germany / Rajamäki –Finland.

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