Hightech & Industry

Market Situation
Industrial and high tech production in Europe is under constant pressure to innovate processes and increase product quality, productivity, flexibility and efficiency to off-set the lures of the cheap labour countries. Labour intensive registration processes to track & trace parts, components and re-usable packaging materials to improve material handling, configuration management, MRO and service processes (e.g. just in time or kanban supply, warranty claim handling, parts quality improvement and “golden tool” guarantees) only add cost. Serialisation, locating and automated scanning solutions integrated with ERP, MES and WMS systems add value as they provide the fundament for new possibilities for product quality improvement, further process innovation and cost reduction.


Services and Solutions
As an independent autoID integrator with deep knowledge of high tech and industrial supply chains and manufacturing (assembly) and service operations, Mieloo & Alexander is able to re-design processes, and advise on state of the art track & trace and locating technologies. Furthermore, Mieloo & Alexander is a one-stop-shop to also build and deploy the solution, and provide maintenance and support, to truly improve and innovate your operations.