Horti & Agro

Market Situation
The sector is characterised by a organisational concentration on the supply side (a very large number of small growers sell to several auctions and a few very large and competitive wholesalers or direct to retailers), extreme seasonality with massive volumes in short peak periods and extremely short shelf life of products. Add the handling of Returnable Transport Items, e.g. flower and CC trolleys, crates for produce and flower buckets, etc. to the equation and the picture of a very complicated supply chain with massive improvement potential is complete.


Services and Solutions
Under the brand name ScanGreen Mieloo & Alexander supplies auctions, wholesalers and their suppliers (growers) with standards UHF RFID based solutions to track and trace RTI’s and by association of the shipping barcodes also the products on the RTI’s. Our solutions are based on deep understanding of the complexities of the supply chain, from planning to execution. We also offer consulting services to help companies in this industry to re-design their processes, organisation and systems to become more customer oriented, lean and agile.