Logistics & Postal

Market situation
Increased digitization causes postal volumes to decrease rapidly, whilst the volume of business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer parcel deliveries is increasing as a result of e-shopping, and the postal market is being liberated. New markets, new business models, re-invented distribution concepts and new service offerings in combination with high service levels and high quality and reliability of distribution are key success factors. These and the introduction of returnable packaging to reduce the carbon footprint require automated control systems integrated with (customer) ERP systems, to keep the costs of the logistic network in control.


Services and Solutions
Building on years of experience working for postal and mail distribution companies in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom, we provide project management and business consulting services to clients in the logistics and postal sector, and advise them on the latest technology to improve transparency and control and provide them the ability to venture into new markets, offer new services. We have been instrumental in demonstrating the use of UHF RFID technology to track mail items and parcels across sorting operations, controlling returnable assets and improving process control across the distribution networks. Our smart solutions work!