Retail & Consumer goods

Market situation
True “1 number” Sales & Operational Planning processes are still seldom realised, but consumer goods manufacturers increasingly reach the conclusion that accurate forecasting and collaborative alignment and adherence of the purchasing, manufacturing and sales functions are imperative to balance demand and supply and maximise profit. In Fashion & Apparel retail, first movers reap significant benefits of programs to reduce Lost Sales by improving stock accuracy at SKU, size and colour level by deploying RFID enabled tools, replenishment and restocking triggers and reports. Food retailers also benefit from the deployment of RFID technology but focus on Returnable Transport Item management, and on goods flow tracking by associating goods to RTI’s.


Services and Solutions
Mieloo & Alexander helps clients by assessing supply models and distribution networks, quantifying the improvement potential of enhanced supply planning and demand forecasting and manages the change implementation and transformation programs. As autoID integrators we design, build and deploy the solutions to improve stock accuracy, improve replenishment and reduce out of stock levels, as well as the tracking & tracing and locating solutions required for advanced RTI management and goods handling.