Mieloo & Alexander partners in the EU IOF 2020 pro

Frontrunners in internet of Things in Agrifood Read more

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Roldo Rent, Dutch-based supplier of rental moving equipment, wanted to improve item-level visibility when starting to rent smart move boxes directly to consumers. With the partner Mieloo & Alexander, they ended up with an RFID system, which enhances the item-level tracking of the moving equipment pool. Read more

Mieloo & Alexander on RFID Tomorrow

At RFID tomorrow 2016, logistics consultancy firm and RFID integrator Mieloo & Alexander presents a variety of business models and use cases. Read more

STARflex RFID Reader

Mieloo & Alexander’s business partner Mojix introduces STARflex RFID Reader Read more

RFID at Scania in the news in RFID im Blick

Scania continues deployment of RFID in Opgladbeek. Read more