Panorama Berlin, Europe’s largest fashion and lifestyle event, will take place from the 3rd to 5th of July.

Spread over 45,000 square meters, 810 Brands present their latest collection for the spring and summer of 2019.

In addition to the new collections, there is an entire hall dedicated to innovative solutions for Retail.



Retail Solutions

Mieloo & Alexander can be found during Panorama in Hall 6: Retail Solutions where we will show you our Out of Stock solution by means of a live demo. Now that consumers have started to shop more and more online, retailers will open online stores next to their physical store.

Because of this it is of the upmost importance that the stock in the store matches the stock of the online store.

With our solution it is possible to connect the stock of the online and physical store together. By providing the garments with a RFID price tags, our IoT platform can keep a real time record of the stock.

As soon as an item is sold in the store, the stock is automatically adjusted on the website. If the article is no longer available in that size, this because immediately visible to the customer.


In addition, there are even more possibilities that RFID offers for stock management of the physical and online store. In our whitepaper we have put a number of these applications for you in a row.



The exhibition is only accessible to fashion and lifestyle professionals. At Panorama-Berlin you will find more information about the event and the possibilities to attend.