Bpost International

Roll containing tracking at Brucargo zone at Airport Brussels. Benefits: RFID controlled asset management (Returnable Transport Items). Increase process control by (un)linking postal products to RTI’s.

Project Description: Proof of Concept (during 2 months) where a pool of 1,000 roll containers were enabled with RFID tags to be able to track them (in the closed chain to/from 4 airfreigh handlers) by registering inbound and outbound flows at the depot of BPost in Zaventem (with RFID transition portals). Also postal bags consolidated on the containers became traceable by means of a coupling process with RFID&barcode enabled handhelds. M&A provided an extensive webenabled reporting tool on top of the RFID database (based on EPCIS standards) for Bpost to gain realtime insight in their product and asset flows (inventory, leadtimes, cycle counts, …) of the serialized carriers and goods providing opportunities to steer and control their processes and flows.’s.’

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