Personal Protection & Caring System

2PCS (Personal Protection & Caring System) targets senior citizens living at home that seek life with a higher sense of security, personal independency, expanded mobility and improved well-being. It is also ideally suited for institutional caregivers that want to provide higher objective and subjective security in combination with an extended degree of mobility to their (disoriented) residents.


2PCS consists of a watch-like device and a versatile software platform. The 2PCS watch combines multiple technologies like active RFID (presence detection and indoor room level locating), GSM (voice), GPS (outdoor locating), 3G (data communication), gyroscopes (fall detection) and passive UHF RFID (identification, automatic configuration). It is also a wearable and watertight watch, a flashlight and a telephone (with Bluetooth headset or overhead speaker) and has a battery life of > 24 hours. 2PCS watch is one of a kind! – No other system combines all these technologies in one device!


The versatile, cloud based (for home use) or locally installed server based (for institutions) software platform controls the 2PCS watches and is fully prepared for integration with (telephone) alarm servers and patient information systems, and has a rule engine for easy configuration both by system administrators (institutions) and informal caregivers (at home).

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