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ScanGreen is an initiative, initiated by Mieloo & Alexander, to support all parties in the horticultural sector with the implementation of RFID technology. Main goal is to realize benefits for the business based on the implemented technology. We deliver solutions for growers, transport companies, wholesalers and retailers with standard and custom build RFID readers, software and support.

Baas Planten Service (BPS) was the first party that recognizes the benefits of RFID when implemented in the complete horti supply chain. With the roll out of the new CC tag with RFID technology, BAAS started to make a link between the RFID tag on the flower cart and the barcode representing the load for the flower cart. The information is shared on a data platform and used for inbound transactions at BPS. At the moment 70 growers are connected to the platform sharing information of flower carts shipped to BPS. The roll out to more growers and integration with the transport companies and end customers are on the agenda for the coming period.

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