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RFID in the apparel industrie

Using RFID opens up a new world for the Apparel industry.

In the article: The power in using RFID in the apparel industry by RFID world they give a great overview of the different possibilities and the positive effects it has. In example, Macy’s claims that their out of stocks are reduced by 50% and revenues are increasing and other retailers achieve a 99.5% inventory accuracy.

“RFID solutions are delivered with the IoT and across the supply chain, streamlining operations, gaining efficiencies, enabling true omni-channel inventory as well as tracking an item from design to delivery and beyond into the hands of the customer for the life of the product.”

RFID powered Merchandise Visibility Solutions

In our whitepaper RFID powered merchandise visibility for Fashion retail we give you more insight in the possibilities of implementing RFID within your company. In the map below we give you an overview of the components that we can provide for the global deployment of RFID powered Merchandise Visibility Solutions.

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