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The digital transformation of the supply chain.

Recently Mojix, one of our supplier, posted a blog about the creation of Smart Supply chains. A smarter supply chain is not only of value for the retail industry but for almost every industry, due to the digital transformation we are able to create new platforms for businesses to become more efficient from end-to-end.

The blog describes how this digital transformation is making the supply chains smart.
“Digital tools are changing the face of how we do business. In just a few short years, these are just some of the advances that have come to the fore:

  • The Cloud, which has provided us with 24/7 access
  • Omnichannel, which breaks down data silos and improves customer service delivery
  • IoT, which has transformed manufacturing and logistics
  • AI, which has the ability to streamline just about every process in the chain right down to the end user/consumer
  • Big Data, which delivers real-time, actionable business data to decision-makers
  • These technologies have enabled us, in just a few short years, to dramatically improve efficiencies throughout every layer of service delivery, but we still have a long way to go yet. With every leap forward, expectations are on the rise.”
    The full blog can be found here.

    One of the platforms that we use for the digitization is the IoT Platform ViZix. In the following video,about the Coco framework, you can see more of this platform from 3.32 minutes onward.
    There are several ways to implement this platform to your supply chain. If you want to learn more about this subject please contact us via our Contact form.


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