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Fashion & Apparel Retail

RFID tags increase inventory management accuracy for products with a high turnover rate and short life cycles. RFID portals can accurately track & trace goods in store.

Fashion customers are notoriously demanding. If an item is not in store, the sale is lost and the customer may never set foot in the shop again. On the other hand, customers make more and more purchases online, without trying on or touching products. This behaviour creates a challenging dynamic for the non-food retail sector.
Inventory accuracy is key to optimising sales online and on shop floors. With track & trace technology, fashion retailers know exactly what is in store.


  • Inventory Accuracy is key
  • Track & Trace throughout entire process
  • Take the shop to the next level
  • Enhance your customer experience

We take inventory to the next level

We offer solutions to optimise your supply chain for both logistics and the store. Our basic solutions will support your inventory management, providing you with real-time stock count and item locating.

Our more sophisticated systems make it possible to take the shop to the next level, creating a digitally driven shopping experience for the customer. With the use of RFID new innovative applications such as magic mirrors, dressing room counts or on shelf availability displays become possible.

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