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Manufacturing & Industry

Track & trace technology can help automate labour intensive processes and help future-proof your business.
Standards in the manufacturing industry are always raised and refined in a continuous effort to increase efficiency, quality and output.

This ambitious mix of goals can be met by a complex combination of innovation and process improvement. Companies have to invest to reinvent their business, to meet the market’s demands for more flexibility and competitive pricing. Technology can solve many issues, but what to choose and when to adopt it? What is the right time to update or replace older systems?

To add to these already substantial challenges, many European businesses face a shortage of skilled workers. This makes the automation of labour intensive processes vital to future-proof the industry. The same questions apply: what is the right technology for your business and how can it be integrated with existing systems, to achieve maximum effect?



  • New possibilities for cost reduction
  • Automate labour intensive processes
  • Redesign process to support your business goals
  • Scanning solutions integrated with existing ERP system

the solution that generates the best information

The consultants at Mieloo & Alexander have in-depth knowledge of high-tech and industrial supply chains, assembly and service operations. They are able to redesign processes and advise which technology is best suited to support your business goals. RFID, IoT, LORA-WAN or barcode: we find the solution that generates the best quality information so you can continue to meet the demands of your (future) customers.


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