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RTI and Asset management

Unique identification of RTI prevents hoarding and losing track of those assets essential to logistics processes.

If the manufacturing industry were an ocean, the flow of goods and materials would be like the numerous currents connecting continents and countries. They cross, mingle, connect, disperse and continue on their journey. And the returnable transport items that are shipped along have their own unique flow characteristics.



  • Trace assets across your supply chain
  • Connection with your own ERP / WMS System
  • Prevent loss of valuable RTI assets
  • Automate labour intensive processes

Get an insight into all your RTI

Keeping track of your assets throughout the logistical process can be a difficult and time-consuming task. We offer standard solutions that can trace the assets across your supply chain.

However, not all processes are the same, all our solutions can be adapted to your own logistical process and connected to your ERP or WMS system. Our consultants will work with you to determine your requirements, so we can offer the best solution for what you want to achieve. We have designed custom solutions for clients such as Tata Steel and Friesland Campina.


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