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Senior (Java) Back-end Developer

We want to expand our team with an experienced Java Back-end developer; someone who pays great attention to detail and who is always “itching” to improve his or her skills and crafts with the latest techniques.
You will architect and build solid and reliable solutions using Enterprise Integration and other Design Patterns. You enjoy seeing that your work has an immediate impact on the physical world and you will play with the newest hardware and software components.
You have the capacity to translate complex technical solutions into every day practical language for our customers and colleagues and have excellent written and oral English language skills. You are result oriented to such a degree that you experience a great sense of achievement when deadlines are met and when you exceed expectations.
In your job you will work closely with customers, project managers and other stakeholders to give on-time indication of progress, work estimates and possible delays. You will actively take part in team SCRUMS and will monitor and select the most appropriate UI frameworks, tools and techniques.

In our day to day operations we actively use a following technologies and methods:

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Event Sourcing, Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Java 8, OSGI
  • Apache Felix, Camel, Karaf
  • MongoDB, OrientDB, MySQL
  • HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Vaadin 7
  • Agile, SCRUM

We will expect a successful candidate to know some of them, be willing to learn the others and be capable of bringing new capabilities to the team.

The job:

As a Java Back-end Developer you will:

  • Design, build and document average to complex software systems (Domain Model, Architecture, UML diagrams)
  • Architect and implement event-driven applications using Java 8 and OSGI
  • Develop customer specific solutions and extend our own Track & Trace software products
  • Follow established development best practices, unit test conventions and team’s coding style
  • Actively use GIT version control, branching models, code review approaches and provide constructive feedback

Mieloo & Alexander offers excellent working conditions and benefits.
We offer a diverse and dynamic working environment, where you will be challenged to deliver high quality results in complex and multi-national environments. We actively support personal- and team development by offering individual and team based training. We promote team spirit and team development through social events. We actively invest in the development of our professionals and offer technical- and skill development training and programs. Mieloo & Alexander also ensures a healthy ‘work-life balance’ and provide you the opportunity to develop your skills in the areas in which you excel.

The Procedure

We strive for a short, intensive procedure during which you will speak to colleagues with different backgrounds and roles. Please submit your resume and clear motivation to and we will contact you shortly.
Should you have any questions, please contact us at +31 (0) 23 56 56 000.

Wegalaan 24 - 2132 JC - Hoofddorp