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CB Fashion introduces RFID to support the RFID initiatives of its customers

To support the RFID initiatives of its customers, CB Fashion engaged Mieloo & Alexander to design and build an RFID solution for their fashion and clothing warehouse and logistics activities.

CB Fashion

Established in 1992 CB Fashion has developed to an industry leader in the world of Fashion and Lifestyle logistics. The company operates from 6 locations in the Netherlands ,employs over 400 permanent staff and up to 300 temporary employees. Fashion brands like NA-KD, America Today, Sarah Pacini, Suitsupply, Cavallaro, Olsen Mode, Micro Fashion and many others have established a long term relationship with CB Fashion.

RFID Solution

The 1st phase of the RFID deployment focusses on enabling CB Fashion to guarantee its RFID customers, that all shipments to their RFID stores are 100% correctly tagged. This is fundamental to achieving close to 100% stock accuracy in the store.
Mieloo & Alexander has developed the RFID packing table to check Flat Pack cartons, and the RFID tunnel to check Goods on Hanger. Both solutions report tagging or picking errors to an operator who resolves them efficiently, after which the RFID EPC codes in each carton or bundle are updated in CB Fashion’s WMS, which is now also RFID enabled.

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