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For more than eight years Mieloo & Alexander and 2PCS have been pursuing the goal of improving the quality of life of elderly people and at the same time relieving the nursing staff by digitizing the care of the elderly within the framework of joint research projects.
They developed a future-oriented system that is far ahead of current standards. In order to further strengthen and expand their cooperation for the future, the companies have now entered into a cooperation agreement. The fact that both partners complement each other optimally with their competences is already evident in the international research and development project i-evAAlution ( in the Netherlands, the aim of which is to maintain and improve independent living in one’s own home with the help of holistic system solutions.

2PCS is currently developing a mobile alarm and positioning system to meet the increasing demands of professional care, which will promote the independence of older people and support caregivers in their everyday lives. As an experienced system integrator, Mieloo & Alexander has been working with 2PCS for eight years and contributes its high competence and broad experience in the use of future-oriented technologies to this cooperation. The two companies have now signed a contract for the further expansion of their successful cooperation.
“Our partner 2PCS develops extremely advanced, lean and technologically leading solutions for the digitalization of geriatric care,” says Sander Merkx, Managing Director of Mieloo & Alexander. “As an experienced system integrator, we are proud to contribute to the digital progress of such an important future market for society with the implementation and realization of these solutions.”

State-of-the-art technologies for optimal conditions in home and residential care for the elderly

The 2PCS solution consists of several specially developed units that can be combined into a holistic system. The mobile alarm and positioning system can be used in various phases of life and in either ambulant or hospital care. For example, it is possible to locate people suffering from dementia – considering all ethical and legal requirements – if they need to leave the home area. In this way they can move freely while the nursing staff is relieved.
“The high integration and innovation capability clearly distinguish our solutions from previous traditional systems for personal protection and emergency calls such as home and nurse emergency or mobile alarm devices,” explains Dr. Felix Piazolo, Managing Director of 2PCS. “The latter can function as a stand-alone solution either only indoors or only outdoors; our system development, on the other hand, is flexible, cross-departmental and can be easily integrated into existing communication structures using the available interfaces.“ Dr. Piazolo continues: “Using modern sensor technology, it is usually no longer even necessary to lay cables or break open walls”.

The individual configuration and implementation of 2PCS’ intelligent alarm and location system for the respective setting requires know-how. With its technical expertise, Mieloo & Alexander has exactly the right high process reliability. The company’s understanding of the design of business processes is particularly pronounced. Joseph Owusu, Managing Director of Mieloo & Alexander, explains:
“During the planning phase and later during the implementation, our system experts take great care to ensure that a solution is as lean and effective as possible while meeting the high requirements of the end customer”. Owusu continues: “It goes without saying that the legal guidelines on data protection are respected at all times”.

The most recent result of the successful cooperation between 2PCS and Mieloo & Alexander is the international research and development project i-evAAlution in the Netherlands. This field trial, in which 125 households are involved, was launched a year ago with the aim of improving the quality of life of older people, enabling and facilitating living in one’s own home and at the same time relieving the burden on nursing staff. To this purpose, a complete digital solution was developed, which consists of several existing information and communication technologies. An essential component is the specially developed 2PCS system, which allows residents to live in their own homes for as long as possible thanks to convenient technology and high safety standards.

As in all projects, Mieloo & Alexander is responsible for equipping all households with the appropriate technologies and for implementing the system. The system integrator takes care of the project from the start and ensures smooth interaction of the individual technical components.
“With i-evAAlution, we quickly recognized the great opportunity to help shape an international business model from start to finish,” emphasizes Dr. Piazolo. “The concept was developed and implemented together with Mieloo & Alexander. We greatly appreciate the high competence and experience of our partner and are convinced of his outstanding consulting services. We are looking forward to the creation and execution of many other joint projects!”


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