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Bonprix’s fashion connect store is the Store of the Year 2020

We congratulate Bonprix with the award for the Store of the Year 2020 award given to them by the German Retail Association (HDE).

The jury’s states: “With the Hamburg pilot store, the bonprix makers have shown wisdom and courage. It is precisely these success factors that are needed to shape the future of retail.”

You can read the full article, in German here.

Not only did they win the Store of the Year award, Bonprix was also granted the Retail Architecture award during the German Design Award 2020.

According to the jury: “The shop concept combines classic analogue shopping with the advantages of the digital online shopping world and promises a revolutionary, interactive shop experience, which is reflected in the design not only technologically but also formally in every detail.”

The German article can be read here.

In the last 2 years we have worked together with Bonprix to realize this new concept that shapes the future of the retailstore and changes the customer journey. We are therefore very proud of the recognition and awards they receive for their pilotstore.


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