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Realtime information merchandise availability

A survey of 120 major retailers in Europe showed that 62% have no real-time information about their product availability.
In this Dutch study Zetes concludes that retailers miss out on as much as 35% of sales during peak periods because there is no information available about the product’s stock.

In the peak periods, it is particularly important for the retail sector to attract customers. If the customer cannot be guaranteed that the information on the various channels is consistent and up to date, the retailer not only misses out on the sale but it can also damage the reputation of the brand.

Advantages of RFID

A number of major brands have already switched to RFID and see the benefits of using RFID, allowing them to better manage information flows and to combine the digital and physical worlds. The combination of these two worlds offers a wide range of possibilities that can improve the customer experience. Some examples of this can be read in Ashley Burkle’s article of Impinj: Lululemon, UNTUCKit, Zara Don’t Make Customers Choose

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