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RFID for an efficient and transparent supply chain

More and more fashion and sports retailers are using RFID technology. The ease and accuracy of RFID inventory counting allows retailers using the technology to reliably get a full overview of the item-level stock in their shops and supply chain. Beyond inventory counting, RFID also enables efficient and reliable goods receiving. Order picking, packing and shipping of items are processes where the use of RFID can be beneficial.

Applying RFID in logistics ensures that companies improve their operational efficiency by creating more visibility and streamlining incoming goods processes. With RFID, products are tracked throughout the supply chain. As it leaves the factory, it enters or exits the distribution centre on its way to the shop. RFID can make processes more efficient and reliable at all moments in the supply chain. It provides transparency and reduces costs while improving performance. At its core, it is about reliable and fast identification of individual products and what data you link to them when in your supply chain.

In cooperation with GS1, a white paper has been written that takes a closer look at RFID in the supply chain of Fashion Retail. Download the whitepaper “RFID for an efficient and transparent supply chain” for free.


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