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HyWEAR Compact – 1D/2D/UHF



Download the Factsheet for the Feig HyWearCompact:

The HyWEAR Compact is the first wearable of its kind. With its low weight of only 70g and a wrist strap that is easy to carry, it is the ideal companion for all those who scan a lot and don’t want to grab a scanner every time and put it down again. The easy-to-use rechargeable battery system ensures productivity even during multiple shifts.

Various highly visible LEDs (red/green), a beeper (beep indicator) and vibration are available for user interaction. The employee can thus be provided with feedback on, for example, file transfer, battery charge level or the connection to the host system. In addition, the HyWEAR Compact from Feig also has two keys that can be freely programmed.

Communication can take place via WLAN (2.4GHz & 5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n/h) as well as via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 5.0, protocol: HID or SPP). Although the device is already well protected in the wrist strap, it has IP54 protection class and a drop height of 1.5m onto concrete.

The hand loops are available in different sizes and can be worn directly on the hand or over a glove due to their sophisticated design. The scanner is triggered by a light pressure with the thumb on the index finger.

The high-performance imager of the HyWEAR Comnpact scans all common 1D and 2D barcodes. In addition, the optional UHF reader reads RFID transponders from a distance of up to 50cm. The reading performance can be varied in three levels (low, medium and high).

The HyWear Compact from Feig Electronic is a well thought-out “real” wearable and addresses everyone who often has to read barcodes and/or RFID transponders during normal manual work and who depends on an extremely efficient mode of operation. Carried comfortably on the hand, there is no need to constantly “grab” and “put away” the scanner.

Examples of applications are:

  • CEP services
  • Baggage handling at the airport
  • Picking
  • Internal logistics
  • Goods turnover
  • Production logistics
  • Waste disposal services
  • and much more.





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