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Feig ID ISC.LRU3500



Download the Factsheet for the Feig LRU3500:

The ID ISC.LRU3500 is THE RFID reader for the most difficult applications. The Long Range Reader is particularly suitable for use in highly metallic environments or with a very high transponder density. Due to a process-safe reading range of up to 16 meters, the LRU3500 represents the measure of all current RFID things in many areas.

With an output power of up to four watts and a high reception sensitivity, the RFID Reader LRU3500 can cover applications with a secure reading range of up to 16 metres.

With the optional protective cap for the connectors at the bottom of the device, the Feig ID ISC.LRU3500 is even IP64 protected and can be used for outdoor applications. Without the protective cap, the reader has an IP53 certification.

The reader’s Linux operating system allows applications to be installed directly on the LRU3500 and even run autonomously if required. In addition, a USB port allows the readings to be stored on an external medium or the connection options to be extended with a WLAN stick.

The separate LEDs per antenna connection show at a glance whether an antenna is active (green), whether it is currently reading transponders (blue) or whether an error has occurred (red).

Besides the pure output of the transponder information as well as the RSSI values, the LRU3500 is even able to output the phase information of the individual reading. This information can be used, for example, to detect the direction of movement or locate the transponder.

The LRU3500 from Feig Electronic has a consistently high reception sensitivity and best reading performance even in the most difficult environments or with a very high number of installed and simultaneously active readers (anti-collision).

The communication interfaces are Ethernet, USB, RS232 and WLAN (via WLAN stick). External components such as a traffic light or a barrier can be controlled via industrial grade inputs and outputs (GPIO). It is also possible to switch the reader on and off via a buzzer or automatically via a light barrier, for example.

In addition to the excellent hardware, all readers from Feig Electronic can be controlled via the freely available ISOStart software. The setting and configuration possibilities go far beyond the software scope of the market companions.

Typical applications for the LRU3500 are:

  • Bulk recordings of all kinds (many to very many transponders)
  • In general: applications with a strongly metallic environment
  • Access control / Toll systems
  • Forklift solutions
  • Car Park Management
  • Laundry systems
  • Waste Management
  • Industry
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Traffic monitoring and traffic control systems

For more information about the ID ISC.LRU3500 from Feig, please refer to the data sheet, which you can view and download as a PDF file from this page. Of course, we will be pleased to advise you personally if you have any further questions.





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