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Nordic ID Sampo S2 – RFID-Reader



Download the Factsheet for the Sampo S2:

NordicID’s Sampo UHF reader is a very inexpensive entry into the stationary detection of RFID transponders. Whether attached to a gate or at a workstation, the Sampo can be used in a variety of ways due to its compact design. The integrated computing unit makes it possible to install software on the RFID reader in a decentralized way, which simplifies its use in many environments.

The Sampo offers a maximum output power of the integrated antenna of two watts (2W) and the possibility to connect three additional antennas at one watt each.

The sensitivity of the reader is specified as -81dBm. The typical reading speed of Nordic ID’s Sampo is up to 1,000 transponders per second. Due to the excellent price-performance ratio and the nominal reading range of 10m, the Sampo is the ideal RFID reader to get started quickly with this technology and carry out tests yourself.

Furthermore, the Sampo offers the user a GPIO port for external signals and can be operated with or without its own power supply via USB or PoE (Power over Ethernet). Optionally, the Sampo S2 can be ordered with WAN (2G or 3G) and/or WLAN.

A light sensor and a touch sensor round off the extensive basic equipment of the Sampo.

With a temperature range of -20°C to 55°C, the Sampo is versatile.

The omnidirectional radiation angle of the antenna is 80°.

The demo software provided by Nordic ID already offers the user the possibility to configure the reader and extensively test the RFID detection rates.

Typical areas of application for NordicID Sampo S2 are:

  • Decentralised use of RFID (if necessary with WAN connection)
  • RFID Tests
  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • Office and desktop applications
  • Reading, checking and writing of transponders
  • RFID reading tables
  • Simple Track & Trace applications in production

Further information about the NordicID Sampo S2 can be found in the data sheet, which you can view and download as a PDF file from this page. Of course we will be happy to advise you personally if you have any further questions.





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