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Nordic ID Stix – RFID-Reader



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The NordicID Stix is one of the smallest UHF RFID readers on the market with a circular antenna. As a USB-RFID reader, the NordicID Stix is the ideal companion for all those who occasionally read or write to RFID transponders while on the move or at a full workstation.

Due to its small size it fits in every pocket and due to the 100mW RFID unit even a reading range of about one meter can be achieved.

The Stix is also suitable for all those who want to familiarize themselves with RFID first. Reading and programming applications as well as individual process steps (with smaller reading ranges) can be easily performed. In this case, the Stix offers a very inexpensive introduction and many possibilities to test possible RFID applications in advance when used with the Nordic ID RFID Demo.

The Nordic ID Stix does not need its own power supply. The power supply is provided via the USB port.

The demo software provided by Nordic ID already offers the user the possibility to configure the reader and test the RFID detection rates extensively.

Typical applications for NordicID Stix are:

  • RFID Tests
  • Office and desktop applications
  • Reading, checking and writing of transponders
  • RFID reading tables
  • Integration of the reader into existing systems

Further information about the NordicID Stix can be found in the data sheet, which you can view and download as a PDF file from this page. Of course we will be happy to advise you personally if you have any further questions.





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