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Zebra MC3390R – Mobiles RFID-Handterminal



Download the Factsheet for the Zebra MC3390R:

The successor to the successful MC9190-Z sets new standards in terms of functionality and RFID performance. Zebra’s latest RFID unit is used in the RFID models of the MC33 series. In combination with the linear high-performance antenna, the MC3390R offers a reading range of up to 18+ meters and can process over 900 reads per second.

Zebra’s MC3390R and MC3330R models differ in antenna technology. While the MC3330R uses a circularly polarised antenna, which is more independent of the transponders’ orientation to the reader, the MC3390R uses a linearly polarised antenna. With optimally aligned transponders, the linear antenna can achieve reading ranges of over 18 metres, whereas the MC33 with a circular antenna has a working range of approximately 6 metres.

Zebra’s high performance ASIC radio technology ensures best sensitivity and outstanding reading results. Compared to other devices in its class, the MC3390R exceeds the reading rate by approximately 25% and reading accuracy by approximately 40%. In RFID applications where the highest reading range is required, such as in the warehouse to scan remote storage locations or in the open space to locate components, the MC3390R RFID transponders provide both accurate and extremely fast reads.

The mobile RFID handheld terminal Zebra MC3390R offers a perfect combination of the usual key status and a full touch screen. With its familiar robust design, the device is IP54 certified and survives falls from 1.5 metres onto concrete without damage.

For all current RFID handheld readers (MC3330R, MC3390R, RFD8500, RFD2000) Zebra offers a single Software Development Kit (SDK) and the possibility to use cross-platform tools and C# programming for the quick creation of Android apps through Xamarin.

The device has a 4 inch touch display and can be operated both with the pen and with the finger. It has a 1.8 GHz hexa-core processor and a choice of 2 or 4 GB RAM memory and up to 32 GB of additional SD memory to run multiple complex applications – all at the same time.

In addition to Bluetooth interfaces 4.1 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and 2.1, WLAN connectivity with 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/k/r/w standards guarantees outstanding wireless voice and data transmission.

The 5,200 mAh battery combined with Power Precision+ technology with quick charge function ensures continuous and uninterrupted operation.

The MC33 comes with Android 7.0 (Nougat) and is equipped with Mx, Zebra’s own software collection. Mx, ensures the secure use of Android in business applications and supplements the standard Android with advanced WLAN security via fusion, manageability, lockdown functions, as well as direct scanner hardware support via SDK.

The MC3330R and the MC3390R of the 1D/2D standard range imager (SE4750SR with LED target orientation) are available as scan modules, making the secure and fast capture of a wide range of barcodes during the running process child’s play.

On the keyboard, the user can choose between the numeric keypad with 28 keys, 38 keys for entering extended ASCII characters or the alphanumeric keypad with 48 keys.

With the above mentioned features, the latest Zebra mobile RFID handheld terminals MC3330R and MC3390R are THE cutting-edge mobile data capture devices for a wide range of RFID applications and not only at home in warehouses & logistics.

With the MC3390R, Zebra has succeeded in creating a mobile RFID handheld terminal that sets new standards both in the field of RFID data collection and in handling.


  • Industrial environment
  • Picking
  • Production
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Warehouse management
  • Loading control
  • Goods receipt
  • Outgoing goods
  • Storage
  • Outsourcing
  • Pick-by-Scan
  • Container tracking
  • Public Health
  • Trade

For more information on Zebra’s MC3390R and available accessories, please refer to the data sheet, which you can view and download as a PDF file from this page. Of course we will be happy to advise you personally if you have any further questions.




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