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Zebra RFD2000 – RFID-Handheld



Download the Factsheet for the Zebra RFD2000:

The Zebra RFD2000 was developed as a Bluetooth RFID reader especially for the Zebra TC20. The combination of the two devices offers the employee full functionality and high RFID performance with the greatest possible flexibility and an attractive price-performance ratio in the usual quality of the world market leader.

With the extremely fast RFID reader, which enables a detection rate of up to 700 transponders per second, the RFD2000 is currently playing in the top league.

Using the “Tag Finder Option”, the user can search for specific transponders in his environment and is quickly guided to the target by the software.

If, in addition to RFID transponders, barcodes are also to be recorded in the process, the user can use the scanner integrated in the Zebra TC20 for both 1D and 2D barcodes.

Depending on the application, the Zebra RFD2000 can be attached to or detached from the TC20 in one easy step. So the Zebra TC20 becomes a full-fledged RFID handheld in a few seconds or can be put into your pocket.

The integrated 3.160 mAh Li-Ion battery holds a complete shift even when the Zebra RFD2000 is used intensively. In addition, both RFID sled and the TC20 can be charged simultaneously in the charging station via the 8-pin connection.

As with all Zebra devices, the RFD2000 can also be insured against all kinds of damage via the Zebra OneCare service contract. Thus, unplanned repair costs or downtimes are easily absorbed.





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