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Zebra RFD8500 – RFID-Handreader



Download the Factsheet for the Zebra MC3390R:

The Zebra RFD8500 marked the beginning of a new RFID trend not long ago. As an RFID reader without its own operating system, the device can be coupled with smartphones from various manufacturers. Thus, already existing IT infrastructure can be cost-effectively expanded with RFID technology using the RFD8500. This requires the IOS or Android operating systems.

Thanks to the very powerful 1 watt RFID reader and a detection rate of up to 700 transponders per second, the RFD8500 is currently in the top league in terms of both detection rates and reading ranges.

The Zebra demo software for IOS or Android gives the user the opportunity to use RFID technology in no time at all and already offers integration aids, for example by exporting inventory lists after RFID reading.

In addition to the pure RFID reader, the RFID-8500 is optionally available with an integrated 2D imager for the acquisition of 1D and 2D barcodes.

In offline mode, the RFD8500 can temporarily store up to over 40,000 RFID reads and 500 barcode reads.

The integrated 4410mAh Li-Ion battery can be charged either via a charging station or via a conventional micro-USB port and provides you (depending on the application) with enough energy for the working day in your RFID project.





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