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RFID gates are popular applications for tracking and identifying assets at specific steps in a process. M&A has deployed RFID gates in postal, logistics, asset management and apparel & fashion retail industries.

Typical use cases for RFID Gates are the tracking of items in the following processes:

  • Goods Inbound & Goods Outbound
  • Internal transition (e.g. from backroom to shopfloor or one hall to another)
  • Control of goods flow
  • Process supervision
  • Overall RTI Management
  • Vehicle (access) control
  • People tracking

The installation of a RFID Gate depends on the specific use case. Therefore, our RFID Gates offer a wide range of options:

  • Side mounted or ceiling mounted antennas
  • Bumpers for the gates protection
  • Full housing
  • Autonomous energy supply (solar power)
  • Camera integration (process documentation)
  • Sensor integration
  • Alarm integration (optical: light stack, acoustical: horn)
  • Direction detection (automatically detection of the items direction: IN or OUT)





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