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RFID Tags & labels



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RFID labels are used in almost every RFID project and are used to uniquely identify and track objects in predefined processes.

Depending on the requirements, RFID labels must have certain properties with regard to:

  • RFID Performance
  • Size and type of attachment
  • Storage space
  • Robustness against external influences

Typical applications for RFID labels are:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Parts Tracking
  • RTI labelling
  • Theft protection

With our experience in the field of RFID and especially RFID labelling, we would be pleased to support you and help you find the optimal RFID label for your application.

In doing so, we place special emphasis on the material combination of the label’s surface, adhesive, RFID chip, as well as the type and size of the antenna and, of course, on an excellent price-performance ratio.





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