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REWE Mojix Roll-out

Mojix UHF RFID enabled RTI management at the REWE Group, rolled-out to 20 sites across Germany.

REWE DC’s ship products daily to all stores using pallets, roll cages and cool boxes. The pallets come from the EPAL pallet pool, but the approx. 850.000 roll cages (value 60 euro) and approx. 30.000 Coolboxes, which are used for frozen food, meat, fish, etc. (value €600,-) are owned by REWE.

Like in many similar cases, REWE annually loses a significant amount of these Returnable Transport Items (RTI’s) in their supply chain. Apart from the financial loss, having insufficient RTI’s available can also result in stagnation of the supply to the stores. To secure supply, occasionally rush orders are placed to replace the missing rollcages or coolboxes, without knowing if the RTI’s can be found back. An annual loss of 5% is not unheard off. REWE didn’t keep records of the RTI quantities shipped to stores, or received back, because of the administrative workload associated with keeping track of the RTI’s.

Therefore, to improve the control of it’s RTI’s across REWE’s complex supply chain, the company looked at RFID technology to automatically register the movements of all items

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