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RFID enabled Time of out of Refrigeration Control

To manage Time out of Refrigeration Mieloo & Alexander supported a Dutch Aerospace Parts Manufacturer with the implementation of an AutoID and IoT solution.

The raw material for the aircraft components are mats of fiberglass or carbon with resin on a cardboard core, which are stored in a freezer at minus 20 degrees Celsius. This sensitive material may only be exposed to higher temperatures for a limited amount of time; if this time window is exceeded, the quality of the end-product cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the actual “Time out of Refrigeration” or “ToR” is accurately monitored.

As the current process is fully manual and therefore error prone and not efficient, the company requested Mieloo & Alexander to implement passive UHF EPC/Gen2 RFID technology in combination with the ViZix IoT platform, to automate the Time out of Refrigeration registration process.

In the attached whitepaper you can read more about the implantation process of the AutoID & IoT Solutions.


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