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The future of RFID enabled moving at Roldo Rent

Roldo Rent’s vision is clear: all Roldo Rents assets are tagged with standards based UHF EPC/Gen2 RFID tags, all depots are equiped with RFID handhelds, and all in and outbound transactions are registered at object level unique identification in the GS1 standards based RFID system.

Mieloo & Alexander has supported Roldo Rent from concept development to realisation: starting with technical tests to select RFID tags for over 30 different asset types (wood, metal, plastics), that provide similar read performance to avoid unwanted reads in operation. Together with the RFID tags, also handheld RFID scanners were tested and selected: NordicID Morphic CD. Mieloo & Alexander supplies the RFID tags (OmniID Max Rigid and Exo800, and plasticised Alien Squiggle Higgs3), as well as the “tagging team” which roams from depot to depot to apply tags to the assets, after which they are checked and registered with a specially developed application.

Simultaneously, Mieloo & Alexander supported Roldo Rent with the solution design for the RFID system that consists of the cloud based RFID Server Application and integrated applications for the handheld RFID scanners, supporting a phased roll-out of the serialisation of the materials. RoldoRent expects the tagging roll-out to be fully completed in Q2 2-016, by which the new RFID system will also be rolled out to all the depots. The roll-out of the RFID system for customers is planned for the second half of 2016.

You can read more about this project in our Whitepaper. Click here.

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