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Opening Bon Prix Pilot Store 14 februari

At FashionTech Berlin Bonprix announced the opening date of their new pilotstore and revealed more details about this experimental concept at the Moenckebergstrasse in Hamburg.

The new store will open on the 14th of february and on the new Fashion Connect website you can get a small preview of what the expect. For the full press statement go to: Bonprix: Launch at #Fashiontech Berlin

Shopping with the app:

One of the new features in the store is the Fashion connect App. The app acts as a personal assistant and will guide you through your visit, as shown in the image below, creating an entirely unique, digitally driven shopping experience for the customer

Store guide:

Want to know how this works? In a short video Bonprix guides you through their new store.Showing you their Feel-good fitting rooms, trend floor and faster checkout systems.

The pilotstore of Bonprix gives us great insight in the possibilities that RFID and IoT can create for the fashion industry. If you want to know more about these opportunities contact us via our contact form.

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