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RFID Packing Table



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RFID Packing tables are commonly used to automatically identify RFID tagged products while packing them at dedicated places (mostly for a certain order). Within this process, the order data can directly be crosschecked with the items and packing slips and/or shipping labels can automatically be printed right after the order is correct and completed.

RFID Packing tables are widely spread in the fashion retail industry, but also anywhere else in the B2C market whenever people in large distribution centers are packing a huge amount of small orders to be delivered to their end customers.

Depending on our customers needs, our RFID Packing Tables are offering a variety of options:

  • Display integration (e.g. for shipment information, manual data input etc.)
  • Automated data check (e.g. of shipping/order data)
  • Printer integration for an (semi-)automated printing of shipping labels
  • RFID label (re-)printing
  • Complete flexibility in size, height and add-on’s
  • Triggers, sensors and camera integration

Our RFID Packing Tables are completely controlled by our V-Track software, offering us complete flexibility on the integration in our clients back end systems such as SAP, Navision or similar. With our business intelligence platform Araneo, packing table transactions can update available inventory in real time, automate shipping or pickup notices, trigger restocking alerts and enable other automated processes that streamline consumer goods logistics.





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