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RFID Tunnel



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Whenever a large number of packed RFID-tagged items need to be counted, checked or booked in an inbound or outbound process, RFID Tunnels are a perfect solution. Depending on the number of tags, number of boxes or the speed of the conveyor, our RFID Tunnels come with special RF-shielding, tuned to offer highest performance guaranteeing our customers satisfaction.

M&A has deployed RFID tunnel solutions in the postal, logistics, apparel & fashion retail industries.

Typical use cases for RFID tunnels include:

  • Goods Inbound
  • Goods Outbound
  • Transition processes

Depending on the use case, our RFID Tunnels offer several options:

  • Different housings, sizes and RFID hardware (process dependent)
  • Full Back-End integration for automated data checks and postings/alerts/reports
  • Incl. or excl. conveyor
  • Light stack or horn integration for operational control
  • Sensors or Cameras integration for documentation

In combination with our software products, M&A takes full responsibility of the control of the RFID Tunnel as well as of the system integration in your existing ERP/back end systems and guarantees highest RFID performance for your system-relevant process bottlenecks





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