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Care & Healthcare

RFID technology can track and trace valuable medical equipment, improving effective resource management and save considerable cost.

Crash-carts, ultrasounds, mobile medical workstations: these are expensive pieces of equipment that health professionals need to carry out their duties. With track and trace technologies, hospitals and other healthcare providers gain insight into the usage and movement of this equipment and improve on resource efficiency. Stop the hoarding of mobile X-ray machines by visualising the location of critical equipment on the premises.

  • The future of health care
  • Gain insight in movements of equipment
  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Opportunity for the elderly to live independently

2PCS a safe solution

We see a future in the use of RFID technology not only for medical equipment but also in nursing homes or even at home. Giving the elderly the opportunity to live independently for as long as possible without giving up their freedom of mobility and feeling of safety.

Together with 9 partners we have created the 2PCS watch and are currently working on the I-evAALution bundle to provide even better care.
For more information and a full overview of the different technologies, see the I-evAALution website


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