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RTI and Asset management – Solutions

We use a combination of technologies to trace high value assets and returnable transport items across supply chains. Our standard, configurable solutions include:

Handheld applications to:

  • To read Pre-coded/printed RFID tags for metal and non-metal assets and RTI’s.
  • Encode or associate an RFID tag and/or IoT tracker with an asset or RTI.
  • Check master and historical transaction data and adjust status and location data.
  • Show position of handhelds and assets on a digital map, show their proximity based on RFID signal strength.
  • Count wall-to-wall, per location or per zone. Or perform blind counts, counting with reference i.e. comparing the expected quantity against the scan results.
  • Track movements indoor or in the yard by scanning items or associate an item automatically with a zone in your yard, warehouse or production facility, using GPS.
  • Register the handover of assets and RTI’s between supply chain partners, referencing order documents.
  • Allow quality status management by allocating a specific status to an item if it is damaged or needs cleaning.


  • Standard, configurable solutions
  • Integration with existing ERP / WMS Systems
  • Collect data about the RTI movements
  • Keep balance in your RTI & asset pools

RFID and (barcode) vision portal solutions

  • Automatically receive or register shipment or delivery of large quantities of assets or RTI’s at the same time
  • Count the receipt of large quantities of RTI’s, such as crates, trays or pallets and calculate amounts to be refunded on reliable data
  • Provide visual proof of shipment or receipt, by integrating the RFID and/or barcode scan is with images from IP-cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor locating solutions based on active RFID, UWB technology or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to provide real-time location and movement tracking of high value assets or products in side a factory, yard or location

Cloud based IoT solution for RTI and asset management:

  • IoT trackers LoRAWan, Sigfox and classic GPS/2G trackers provide real-time or periodic updates of an asset’s location and the environmental conditions it is in
  • Maintains the master data and historical data of all RTI’s or high value assets in the pool
  • Keeps actual and historical location and status data of assets and RTI’s
  • Keeps the balances with the quantities of RTI’s or assets at customer or supplier locations with dwell-time data of each individual asset to effectively manage the RTI and asset pools
  • Provides big data analytics and insights to understand the way assets and RTI’s move through supply chains
  • Provides easy integration with data from existing ERP, WMS and other business information systems



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