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Personal Protection & Caring System 2PCS combines a wealth of technologies to create a digital safety net for vulnerable people living at home or in care facilities.

The unobtrusive watch-like device communicates with a software platform using 3G, Bluetooth and RFID. If the gyroscopes inside the watch detect a fall, the watch automatically sends an alarm to a caregiver or family member. GPS and RFID determine the exact location of the person wearing the 2PCS watch, indoor and outdoors, making it a very helpful tool for health professionals.


  • Digital safety net for vulnerable people
  • Determine exact location, indoor & outdoor
  • Helpful tool for health professionals
  • Two-way voice communication


We are a reseller and system integrator for 2PCS. The entire solution consists of several pieces of hardware. The Safety Watch is worn on the wrist. It allows for two-way voice communication but can also transmit an SOS-signal. This is received by the RFID-base system and/or health professionals’ central alarm system. The client’s location is made visible on a map, regardless if the person inside the building or outdoors. The RFID-base system can be stand alone or connected to the care home’s network.

2PCS also includes wireless wall and ceiling fixtures that function as call buttons and switches. Sensors in the room detect unusual movement and can trigger the wireless signal lighting in the hallway. Bed sensors can transmit an alert if the person has gotten up or if the bed is wet. Sensors, switches and lamp communicate through the RFID base station. They are powered by adapter or rechargeable batteries.
The entire solution uses cloud-based software that can be integrated with the care home’s central call centre and/or alarm services.

For more information and a full overview of the different technologies, go to 2PCS Solutions.


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