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Logistics & Postal – Solutions

Mieloo & Alexander provides standard configurable, modular and easily integrated hardware and software solutions for logistics and postal environments.

We can also deliver the RFID middleware necessary to integrate these solutions with existing business systems such as SAP HANA, Oracle, JD Edwards and any third party warehouse management system (WMS).


  • Easily integrated hardware & software solutions
  • Integration with existing ERP / WMS Systems
  • Register shipment of RFID Tagged goods
  • Track movement of goods indoor & outdoor

An overview of the solutions that we could implement are:

  • RFID label tags and RFID tag coding for quality checks.
  • Handheld applications to register and count goods shipped or received, and provide status management.
  • Conveyor-based RFID systems and RFID tunnel reading solutions.
  • RFID readers mounted on material handling equipment or vehicles to register movement and/or (re)location of RFID tagged items in a yard or indoor facility.
  • RFID tool portals with integrated access control and inventory management.
  • RFID portal solutions to automatically register the shipment of RFID tagged products and goods. Optional integration of IP-cameras allows for visual proof of goods sent and/or received.
  • RFID overhead reader systems for indoor locating and movement tracking of goods with low-cost RFID labels.
  • Indoor and outdoor locating based on active RFID, UWB technology or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to provide real-time location and movement tracking of high value assets or products inside a factory, yard or location.
  • IoT trackers based on LoRAWan, Sigfox and GPS/2G technology, to provide real-time or periodic updates of the location of a tagged item or load carrier.
  • Printing and encoding of RFID tags in bulk or on demand, with optional integrated tag quality check.



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